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Press Pack

Spectra is due for imminent release on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Xbox One platforms. If you have specific questions regarding release timeframes or additional platforms please tweet us or use the contact form :)

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Team Info

Niamh (Chipzel) Houston
Bursting onto the gaming scene in 2013 with the music for Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon Chipzel immediately made a name for herself for her unique melodic style of chiptune. She provided all the audio goodness in the game!

Louis Deane is a Birmingham born Software Engineer, Game Developer & Entrepreneur. Graduate of the University of Hull where his studies focused on environment simulation and rapid game development. Passionate about Gaming Louis is a powerful and lively creator of new Trans-Media content and experiences.

Brecht Lecluyse is a Belgian Digital Artist & Game Developer. Graduate of Howest University with a background in Engineering and Multimedia. An eye for design allows Brecht to create worlds worth exploring & a passion for imaginative creations allows him to fill them with beautiful content ripe for discovery.

Duncan Mulholland of Glasgow is an Operations manager, Game Developer & Entrepreneur. Graduate of the University of Hull where his studies focused on Project & Team management and Computer Security. A mind for process management and "Developer Husbandry" makes Duncan an ideal fit with gateways small and agile team.

Company Ethos

Focused since day one on making highly polished games with cloud based toolsets to support them and also to support other fledgling indie developers. At gateway pride is taken to polish every game we make.


Gateway will be featuring Spectra at Insomnia51, the UK's largest gaming festival, later this year in the new Indie games pavilion.

for more information about Spectra or Gateway Interactive, please get in touch via the contact page